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America's senior citizens are more active than ever before - and their quality of life is all the better for it. But no matter what their exercise, be it walking, biking, or even a set of tennis, the feet of these active adults need extra protection to prevent injury and preserve comfort. Feet are designed to remain healthy for a lifetime, and if they begin to hurt it simply means that something is wrong. Bones in the feet of older men and women naturally become more fragile and the feet's natural cushioning also tends to become thinner with age, with an accompanying loss of shock-absorbing ability. In the accompanying video I share exercises that can retard the development of bunions by teaching you to ground your big toe. Practicing them is beneficial to your posture even if you don’t have bunions. Grounding the big toe gives you a lift that travels up the inner leg and thigh into the pelvis. I’d love to know how this works for you. There are whole industries devoted to foot care. These include shoe manufacturers and those who supply nail cutters, medications, corn removers, softening creams and orthotic supports. In her book, "Your Feet," Sandra Salmans discusses various health problems that can affect feet. Lumps and Bumps and Painful Feetbunion hard skin Feet bear much of the burden for most athletic activities. Selective the right athletic shoe is as equally important as selectingthe right golf club or tennis racket. A well-fitting, well-made and properly used athletic shoe can help reduce foot problems and increase performance. Depending on the sport of choice, there is a shoe to meet your foot care needs. Different sports call for specific footwear to protect feet and ankles. For example, a running shoe is built to accommodate the impact that concentrates on the forefoot, while a tennis shoe is made to give relatively more support to the ankles, and permit sudden stops and turns For relief from the pain of bunions , and to reduce inflammation, you can take a pain killer or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen. In addition to this, apply an ice pack on the bunion a few times a day to reduce pain and inflammation. Use an arch support to reduce the rate of the flattening of the arch, which in turn puts excessive force on the joints. Last, but not least, make it a habit to apply some moisturizer like flexitol heel balm twice a day to corns and arduous skin and then, using a pumice stone, you can reduce the thickness of hard skin Your toes are a part of your body that may suffer too. As soon as your feet become callused, dry and hard from an absence of care, it gets far more tough to correct. To prevent dry feet, make use of a body butter about them before you go to sleep. This nightly treatment will help you avoid calluses and also have soft, attractive skin on the feet. For oily skin , use powder makeup. Avoid cream based formulations that are better suited to dried-out skin types. Powdered makeup sticks, that makes the way you look look more natural.